We help our clients make make better decisions and effectively implement business transformation.

What we do

Established in 2005, we have offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, London and San Diego.

We use industry-leading frameworks and best practices coupled with creative innovations to provide business intelligence solutions that allow our clients to achieve their strategic and operational goals and objectives.

Through our enterprise architecture interventions we are able to identify breakages or potential constraints (whether it’s organisational change, process inefficiency, architectural misalignment or technology ineptness) and help address these challenges in the most effective and efficient manner.

With our unique blend of cutting edge technology, consulting experience and resource provisioning, we enable organisations to quickly maximise return on investment and experience real results.


Digiterra has an in-house software development competency to design and develop customised solutions to suit your business needs.

We make use of our strategic blueprinting model, echelon and have partnered with Orbus Software to deliver effective Business and IT Transformation.

We have designed and developed a range of business and financial reports and dashboards available to you on a cloud based software-as-a-service solution.

These solutions are delivered and operationalised in conjunction with our expert consulting services – to deliver technology that works.

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Digiterra employs a consultative approach – our experts work closely with you to provide solutions that allow you to achieve your specified goals or objectives.

Through various frameworks and best practice disciplines, we create or re-engineer processes to align with strategy, ensure compliance and enable technology to deliver the expected results.

We work closely with stakeholders to ensure effective adoption of changes.

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Digiterra provides capability and extra capacity when you need it.

We use a unique 5 step screening approach to ensure that all the professionals we recommend are skilled, qualified, competent and the best fit for your environment.

Our skilled resources are available on a contractual or time-and material basis.

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Digiterra believes in execution excellence to transform organisations

Our approach considers all or any of the dimensions within the business-to-IT continuum – including strategy, process, people, information and technology.

We understand that similar challenges affect organisations across all industries. Our team of professionals are fully equipped to address these challenges as well as providing customised solutions, expert insights and valuable research in conjunction with our extensive network of subject matter experts.

BBBEE:  Digiterra is proud to be a Level Two Contributor.