Organizational change is a challenge that must be carefully managed – people need to be communicated with openly and honestly and resistance has to be sought out, listened to and responded to appropriately. A clear, strategic vision is imperative to drive and maintain the change. Digiterra works closely with you to achieve successful organisational change.

What we offer

In line with the strategy, Digiterra has the experience and expertise to offer or facilitate the following:

  • Communication planning and execution
  • Roles and responsibility definitions (RACI matrix) and adoption
  • Policies, processes and procedures
  • Employee skills development and process adoption training
  • Transition planning and execution
  • Monitoring metrics and reports
  • Mentorship and coaching

“70% of change initiatives fail due to a lack of effective organisational change interventions and identification of adequate drivers for change”

Reasons to call us
• Operationalisation of a new system • Underperformance against goals • Cultural shift required - Team moral • Change of direction of organisation – need to facilitate the change • Merging or acquire • Company growth and restructuring

Benefits you can experience

  • Positive buy-in from role players
  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • Improved operational processes
  • Skills and tools to achieve results
  • Ownership and commitment
  • Measured KPIs and process governance