Enterprise Resilience provides the ability to detect, respond and recover from short term disruptive challenges and most importantly, adapt and evolve in response to more significant changes Digiterra enables organisations to significantly reduce the impact of events, predicted or unforeseen with dynamic risk management.

What we offer

Applied subject matter expertise to quickly implement processes, systems and controls so you can:

  • Have established capabilities to detect threats or opportunities
  • Anticipate, prevent, prepare for and respond to a disruptive incident, emergency, crisis or disaster.
  • Manage and survive events and take action to ensure your organisation’s continued viability.
  • Have auditable criteria to establish, check, maintain and improve a management system

Tools, methodologies and information based on:

  • Risk Management: ISO 31000 – to avoid risk as far as possible and to proactively establish mitigating elements to ensure that should an emergency materialise it will be sufficiently mitigated.
  • Business Continuity Management: ISO 22301 – to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and continually improve a documented management system to protect against, reduce the likelihood of occurrence, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptive incidents when they arise.
  • Emergency Incident Response: ISO 22320 – for warning, alerting and activating incident response; command and control, information, coordination and cooperation.
  • IT Continuity and Disaster Recovery: ISO 27031 – to plan for IT continuity and recovery.

Organisational Change Programme

  • With communication, training and operationalisation of new processes and functions - to ensure success of the adoption of new processes and systems.

Experience in the creation of dashboards and reports

  • With information at your fingertips to make important decisions and effectively manage the ongoing function of releases.

A fully integrated software solution

  • To enable you to anticipate or detect threats and, through the use of emergency incident management and disaster recovery, respond and recover from all potential crises.
  • Digiterra has partnered with Intrapoint to offer an enterprise resilience framework that can be customised to suit your processes and systems and organisational structure.

Do you manage an with high risks, essential security, critical operations and complex infrastructure?
Can you afford disruptive or life-threatening incidents?
Are you able to effectively manage incidents, operational disruptions, emergencies, crises, disasters?
Is business continuity vital to your organization?

One of our Consultants is standing by to assist you with all risk and continuity aspects of your business. Experience a complementary consulting session to see how our Enterprise Resilience and Risk Management solution can help you quickly detect, respond and recover from any incident or crisis.

Benefits you can experience:

  • Quicker Response to Incidents and Crises
  • Better Decision Making
  • Greater Cost-Effectiveness
  • Pro-active Organization
  • Predefined Scenario Planning and Action
  • Maximized Functional Automation
  • Real-Time Information Dissemination
  • Structured Communication
  • Easy Procedure Updating
  • Desktop Exercises
  • Integration with External Audiences
  • Accurate Documentation